VENTEON is here for our Clients & Candidates alike.  We are business as usual.

Our internal staff is working remote and capable of guiding both our Clients & Candidates during this time: we can assess our candidates and match them to what our clients are looking for through our internal state of the art system and with phone & video conversations.

We are talking to Clients and working on job orders.

We are talking to Candidates to match them up to our Client needs.

We are successfully on-boarding new hires remotely.

We can help YOU with all the above.  Venteon partners with their Clients to keep them aware of what is going on in the marketplace, what potential employees are looking for or what employee concerns may be.

We may not be able to meet in person right away, however we can talk over the phone or have a meeting utilizing a video conference tool to SEE exactly what your questions or needs are.

This pause in the workforce has not stopped us.  We still have our pulse on the market and our candidates we are working with.  Let US partner with YOU to get through this next phase of getting back on track!

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